Kasiisi Porridge Project

Kasiis Porridge Project

The Kasiisi Porridge Project is an independent British-registered charity that works in partnership with the US-based Kasiisi Project, and Uganda based Kibale Forest Schools and Students Support Program (KFSSSP). The vision of these organisations is to promote community projects that improve economic opportunities for the area’s children. The project achieves this goal by promoting academic excellence in government primary schools.

In 2005, the charity’s founder, Kate Wrangham-Briggs, initiated a project to help improve the health of the children and their ability to concentrate by starting a school lunch program. We know that nutrition programs can increase health, attendance and academic achievement of school children and the aim of the charity therefore, is to help feed primary school children at schools in Western Uganda.

In the effort to make the project self sustaining, 20 acres of land has been bought, to be developed into a sustainable farm that will not only supply revenue and produce to sustain the nutritional programs, but will also provide a valuable educational tool to promote sustainable and efficient farming techniques and land management.

The project will provide a variety of products and services like an education centre, poultry and piggery farm, a camp site, a variety of indigenous trees for timber, shade and medicinal purposes and of course, vegetable and fruit produce.

The farm is located about 10 kilometers from the main Fort- Portal town, which offers a ready market for the products and services the farm has to offer. The farm is also near the Kibale Forest which is a home of many tourists from all over the world. The farm could provide cabins and a camp site to accommodate visitors and volunteers to work on the farm.

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